How do I apply?

Complete and return our CG Bonds Application Form (to the best of your ability). If you need some assistance with this, please call 0203 833 9933 and a member of our team will be happy to assist.

What information will I need?

When you have completed and returned the CG Bonds Application Form please be prepared to provide the following:

  • Financial Accounts (2/3 years)
  • Latest Management Accounts
  • Bond wording
  • Project details (plans & photos) – If available

How can I strengthen my application?

  • Improving your company financials
  • Limiting your bond exposure
  • Completing the application form in great detail
  • Providing as much additional/supporting information as possible about the contract.

How long will it take to quote?

We aim to quote our clients in 5 working days; however, this may fluctuate slightly depending on the market conditions. The lead time for a quote is usually dependent on the responsiveness of our client. Sometimes underwriters ask for further information that they require answers for before continuing and reviewing the application. To summarise, the more responsive you are and the more detailed your application is, the quicker we can provide a quote.