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CG Bonds Surety specialise in the procurement of Surety Bonds and Guarantees within the construction industry. As the leading experts in the market, we provide technical expertise and advice on all types of Surety Bonds.

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CG Bonds Specialises in Surety Bonds for the Construction Industry

CG Bonds were called to market by contractors who expressed a requirement for a cost-effective, specialist and responsible Surety Bonds and Guarantees broker. 

We promise to source and secure the best value performance bonds in the market, whilst using our years of unrivalled experience and expertise to make the process of obtaining Surety Bonds in construction a stress-free and simple process. 

We dedicate time to understanding our client’s needs, ensuring that we offer a tailored, responsive, value-added customer service experience.

Surety Bonds and Guarantees we Specialise in

CG Bonds specialises in the procurement of Surety Bonds and Guarantees within the construction industry. We procure the following Surety Bonds:

Performance Bonds / Developer Insolvency Bonds

A Performance Bond is a financial guarantee that protects and compensates an Employer/Beneficiary in the event a contractor fails to fulfil their contractual obligations. See our performance bonds page

Advance Payment Bonds

An Advance Payment Bond is a financial guarantee that protects the monies paid by the Employer/Beneficiary in the event the contractor defaults on the agreement. See our advanced payment bonds page

Retention Bonds

A Retention Bond is a form of protection that secures a portion of a contract payment until a project’s completion, ensuring that the work meets quality standards and any necessary repairs are addressed, thereby freeing up capital for the contractor/applicant. See our retention bonds page

Off-site Material Bonds

An Off-Site Materials Bond is a financial guarantee that reimburses and compensates an employer/beneficiary if pre-paid materials for a project are not delivered or provided as agreed by the supplier. See our off-site material bonds page

Defects Liability Bonds

A Defects Liability Bond is a guarantee that protects the employer/beneficiary against any identified faults or defects in the contractor’s completed works. See our defects liability bonds page

Restoration / Environment Agency Bonds

A Restoration or Environmental Agency Bond is a financial guarantee to the Environmental Agency that ensures sufficient protection and reinstatement of the environment. See our restoration/environment agency bonds page

Tender / Bid Bonds

A Tender or Bid Bond is a guarantee that protects the beneficiary to ensure that the Bidder will honour the terms of their bid, whilst compensating the beneficiary for any costs incurred due to the Bidder’s withdrawal or failure to meet bid terms. See our tender/bid bonds page

Deposit Bonds

A Deposit Bond is a financial guarantee that protects the buyer in the event the seller defaults on their contractual obligations. See our deposit bonds page

Warranty Bonds

A Warranty Bond is a financial guarantee that a contractor will correct and rectify defects in their completed work during the specified warranty period. See our warranty bonds page

Section 106 Agreements

A Section 106 Bond is a financial assurance mechanism often required by local authorities to ensure that developers fulfil obligations related to community infrastructure or amenities outlined in a development agreement. See our section 106 agreements page

Core Values

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Why Choose CG Bonds?

CG Bonds Surety is derived from a technical and construction background. This means we have a deep-rooted and unrivalled understanding of the unique intricacies of construction bonds. Further to this, we also hold an extensive and exclusive underwriting panel, allowing us to boast a 100% track record in fulfilling Surety Bonds and Guarantees. 

We also offer a best-price guarantee policy on all our Surety Bond services.

See our expertise page to learn more about why you should choose CG Bonds Surety for your Surety Bonds and Guarantees.

Our Mission

Our mission is to procure the best value contract guarantee bonds, as efficiently as possible.

Our Vision

Our vision is to sustain our position as the UK’s leading authority in procuring and advising on contract guarantee bonds.


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