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CG Bonds specialise in the procurement of Contract Guarantee (Performance) bonds on behalf of housebuilders and construction companies.

CG Bonds were called to market by contractors and subcontractors who expressed a requirement for a cost-effective, specialist and responsible performance bond broker. 

We promise to source and secure the best value performance bonds on the market, whilst using our years of unrivalled experience to make it a stress-free and simple process.

We dedicate time to understanding our client’s needs, ensuring that we offer a tailored, responsive and value-added customer service experience.


As COVID continues to hit the demand and supply chains of the construction industry, UK construction companies are becoming increasingly vulnerable to cash flow problems. CG Bonds offer some of the lowest admin fees in the market, helping support our clients during these difficult times.

Bonds We Specialise In

Performance Bonds / Developer Insolvency Bonds

Contract Guarantee Bonds (CG Bonds), or otherwise known as Performance Bonds, are issued to the principle (contractor), by the Surety, on behalf of the beneficiary (developer). ‹ Read More

Advance Payment Bonds

When a bond beneficiary (developer) agrees to make an advance payment to a principle (contractor), they request for an Advance Payment Bond. ‹ Read More ›

Retention Bonds

A retention bond may be requested by a beneficiary (developer) to ensure the principles (contractors) work is completed to an agreeable standard. ‹ Read More

Off-site Material Bonds

An Offsite Material Bond may be used when a contractor needs to make a large payment for offsite materials or plant equipment. ‹ Read More ›

Defects Liability Bonds

A Defects Liability Bond begins when the contractor has completed the works to a satisfactory standard. ‹ Read More ›

Restoration / Environment Agency Bonds

A guarantee to a Local Authority (beneficiary) which ensures the Principle (developer) restores the land, upon completion, to an agreeable standard – as detailed in the agreement. ‹ Read More ›

Tender / Bid Bonds

A tender/bid bond protects a developer in the bidding process of a contract. It provides a guarantee to a developer that the bidder will honour the terms of their bid. ‹ Read More ›

Deposit Bonds

A deposit bond is a type of guarantee, used as an alternative to cash, which is used when purchasing a development. ‹ Read More ›

Warranty Bonds

A Warranty Bond is a contract between a surety company, a contractor, and the owner. ‹ Read More ›

Core Values

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Why Choose CG Bonds

Our Mission

Our mission is to procure the best value contract guarantee bonds, as efficiently as possible.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the UK’s market leader in procuring and advising on contract guarantee bonds.


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