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What Are Section 106 Agreements?


A Section 106 Agreement, confirming a development’s planning obligations, is a legally binding agreement between a developer and a local planning authority in the UK. It is governed by the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

These agreements are used to address the potential negative effects of a proposed development by requiring developers to contribute towards infrastructure, affordable housing, community facilities, and public spaces. They are negotiated as a condition for obtaining planning permission and aim to deliver positive outcomes and benefits for the local community. This bond secures the performance of a developer concerning these contributions.

How do Section 106 Agreements Work?


Section 106 Agreements, also known as Section 106 planning obligations, are legally binding agreements between developers and local planning authorities. These agreements address the impact of proposed developments on the local community and infrastructure. 

The process begins with negotiations between the developer and the planning authority, defining obligations like affordable housing or infrastructure improvements. Once agreed upon, a legal document is drafted, specifying the terms, conditions and a timeline for fulfilment. Planning permission is granted upon agreement, and the developer is responsible for implementing the obligations. After completion and review, the Section 106 Agreement is considered fulfilled, ensuring that new developments contribute positively to the local area.

Who Qualifies For a Section 106 Agreement?


Developers and landowners qualify for a Section 106 Agreement as local planning authorities often require them, given the potential impact of their proposed developments on the local community and infrastructure. These agreements are used to mitigate the effects of development, and local planning authorities commonly make them a prerequisite for granting planning permission.

One prevalent obligation in Section 106 Agreements is the inclusion of affordable housing within a development, addressing local housing needs. These agreements may also require developers to contribute to infrastructure enhancements like roads, public transport, schools, and healthcare facilities. Additionally, some developments may be mandated to provide community amenities or public spaces.

In summary, developers and landowners engage in Section 106 Agreements to align their projects with local planning policies, foster community welfare, and support necessary infrastructure improvements.

How Long Does a Section 106 Agreement Last?


The duration of a Section 106 Agreement can vary and is typically determined during negotiations between the developer and the local planning authority. The agreement’s length depends on the specific terms and obligations outlined within it, which are tailored to the needs of the development and the local area.

In many cases, Section 106 Agreements cover obligations that must be fulfilled during the construction and development phase, as well as responsibilities that extend into the post-development phase. This can range from several years to decades, depending on the complexity and scope of the development and the long-term impact it may have on the local area.

Section 106 Agreement Costs


The primary cost associated with Section 106 Agreements fluctuates depending on the financial contributions or obligations that the developer or landowner must fulfil. This can include funding for affordable housing, infrastructure improvements, environmental mitigation, or community amenities. The magnitude of these contributions varies based on the project’s size, impact, and local requirements.

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