Who We Are?

At CG Bonds Surety we are bond brokers who specialise in the procurement of surety bonds. We are a specialist surety bond broker that can source and secure the best value construction bonds in the market, whilst using our years of unrivalled experience to make it a stress-free and simple process. With our extensive and exclusive underwriting panel, we are able to offer a Best Price Guarantee, whilst also maintaining our 100% track record in fulfilling bond requirements.

Our Core Values

As a surety bond broker, the following core values are at the heart of everything we do at CG Bonds. These values form the very essence of our organisation and serve as the guiding principles for all our actions.

Our Mission

Our mission as a leading authority surety bond broker is to diligently procure the most favourable surety bond solutions in the market, as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Our Vision

Our vision is to sustain our position as the UK’s market leaders in procuring and advising on performance bonds. This is achieved through our unrivalled technical advice and expertise, allowing us to innovate within the UK surety and construction industry.

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Why Choose CG Bonds?

Core Values

CG Bonds Surety are the UK’s market leaders who have a deep-rooted and unrivalled understanding of the unique intricacies of surety bonds. Our unparalleled knowledge and experience, as a surety bond broker, has enabled us to secure an extensive and exclusive underwriting panel.

We measure our performance on both the speed at which we can procure and execute bond requirements and the level of guidance and support we provide our clients.

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