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CG Bonds Surety specialise in procuring warranty bonds through our technical knowledge and expertise. Due to our deep-rooted understanding, CG Bonds can navigate the intricacies of warranty bonds, meaning bespoke solutions can be tailored to each client’s unique needs. 

Additionally, our comprehensive and exclusive underwriting panel enables us to boast a 100% track record in fulfilling bond requirements, whilst guaranteeing the most competitive terms in the market. With CG Bonds, you not only gain the assurance of warranty bond expertise but also the peace of mind that your unique needs are in capable hands. 

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What Is A Warranty Bond?


A warranty bond is a contract between a surety company, a contractor, and the owner. The warranty bond guarantees that the contractor will correct any defects in their work during the warranty period. If the contractor becomes insolvent within the warranty period, or they fail to correct any defects in their original work, the surety will compensate the owner for any losses incurred.

To summarise, a warranty bond ultimately protects an owner’s investment by guaranteeing the contractor’s performance during the warranty period.

Why You Need A Warranty Bond


In the construction industry, a warranty bond serves as a critical safeguard for both contractors and project owners. Contractors may need warranty bonds to assure project owners that their work will remain defect-free and in compliance with the agreed-upon terms for a specified warranty period. 

This is especially valuable in cases where the contractor’s financial stability is in question or when the project owner seeks assurance that defects will be promptly addressed. Warranty bonds are useful when undertaking construction projects, as they offer financial protection and help maintain the integrity of the work, ensuring that any necessary repairs are promptly and adequately handled.

How Does A Warranty Bond Work?


Warranty bonds are a financial guarantee that contractors will correct and rectify defects in their completed works during a designated warranty period. The contractor/principle agrees to provide a warranty on their work, with the surety issuing the warranty bond. This is to ensure the project owner/obligee that during the warranty period (typically 1–2 years if defects arise) the contractor is obligated to rectify them. In essence, warranty bonds ensure the quality and defect-free status of construction work by offering financial security to project owners.

How To Secure A Warranty Bond


To obtain a warranty bond through CG Bonds Surety, our dedicated client relationship team will guide you through the process and request the following essential information:

  • Completed & Signed Application Form
  • Most Recent Audited Financial Accounts
  • Latest Management Accounts (if available)
  • Copy of Warranty Bond Wording (if available)

Warranty Bond Costs


The costs associated with warranty bonds can vary considerably, and they are influenced by a variety of key factors. These factors encompass the financial stability of the applicant, the potential availability of additional security, the duration of the bond, the specific terms outlined in the bond wording, the designated warranty period, and the distinctive characteristics of the project in question.

At CG Bonds, we pride ourselves on our specialist knowledge and expertise, which we cultivated through our roots in the technical and construction sectors, distinguishing us from companies solely focused on surety and insurance. This foundation enabled us to cultivate and fortify an expansive and exclusive underwriting panel. As a result, this enables us to provide our clients with the most favourable terms in the market, whilst upholding a rigorous Best Price Guarantee policy. We are committed to providing our clients with the most competitive premium rates.

How CG Bonds Surety Can Help You With Warranty Bonds


CG Bonds takes immense pride in maintaining a pristine 100% track record when it comes to fulfilling warranty bonds. This record uniquely positions us to aid contractors in securing warranty bonds, regardless of their financial standing. Additionally, a dedicated client relationship manager will guide you through the entire application process, ensuring an efficient and hassle-free experience.

Furthermore, our unparalleled specialist expertise enables us to offer comprehensive technical knowledge on all bond nuances, ensuring our clients have all the necessary insights to make an informed decision.

  • Contractor Loyalty Rebate Rewards
  • 100% Track Record in Fulfilling Bond Requirements
  • Exclusive Underwriting Partnerships
  • Bond Finance Options
  • Best Price Guarantee

Benefits Of Getting A Warranty Bond From CG Bonds Surety


  • Contractor Loyalty Rebate Rewards – Clients who opt for CG Bonds for multiple bond executions automatically qualify for our client reward program.
  • 100% Track Record in Fulfilling Bond Requirements – We take great pride in our immaculate track record of guaranteeing terms on all bond applications.
  • Exclusive Underwriting Partnerships – CG Bonds has curated a comprehensive and exclusive underwriting panel, unrivalled in the industry.
  • Bond Finance Options – CG Bonds offers deferred payment options on all bond applications, providing a valuable solution to ease the initial capital strain of your projects.
  • Best Price Guarantee – You can rely on CG Bonds not just to meet but to surpass any official quote you present to us.

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