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CG Bonds Surety are construction bond experts who specialise in a diverse range of bond types. Our extensive, exclusive and longstanding underwriting partnerships enable us to secure the most competitive premiums, catering to clients with varying financial strengths.

Additionally, we operate a Best Price Guarantee policy and provide clients with the added benefit of our Contractor Loyalty Rebate Rewards program. As construction bond experts, we offer a comprehensive range of bond financing options spanning the entire spectrum of construction bonds.


What Is A Surety Bond?


As the UK’s leading bond experts, CG Bonds Surety offer a wide range of construction surety bonds. A surety bond is a legally binding contract among three parties: the principal (the party with an obligation), the obligee (the party to whom the obligation is owed), and the surety (the entity providing financial assurance). The surety bond guarantees that the principal will fulfil their contractual or legal obligations to the obligee. If the principal fails to meet these obligations, the surety steps in to compensate the obligee, ensuring that the contracted work or legal responsibilities are completed as agreed upon. 

Surety bonds are commonly used in various industries to provide financial security and protect against non-performance or default.


Types of Surety Bonds


CG Bonds Surety possesses robust technical knowledge and expertise across a wide spectrum of bond types. Therefore, as the UK’s dedicated construction bond experts, we are well-equipped to assist in procuring the following bonds:

  • Performance Bonds / Developer Insolvency Bonds
  • Advance Payment Bonds
  • Warranty/Defects Liability Bonds
  • Section 106 Agreement Bonds
  • Deposit Bonds
  • Retention Bonds
  • Tender/Bid Bonds
  • Off-Site Material Bonds
  • Restoration/Environmental Agency Bonds
  • Decommissioning Bonds
  • Duty Deferment Bonds
  • HMRC Bonds

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Companies who may require or request a construction bond include Main Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Housebuilders/Developers, Suppliers, Project Owners, Government Funded Agencies & Service Providers to the construction industry.


Performance Bonds


Performance Bonds / Developer Insolvency Bonds are financial instruments that serve as a guarantee for the completion of a specific project or contract. They are typically required in various industries to ensure that the contracted party fulfils their obligations.

Performance Bonds ensure that a project or contract is completed as agreed upon by providing financial security to the project owner or obligee.

Advanced Payment Bonds


An Advance Payment Bond is a financial instrument that serves as a guarantee for the repayment of an advance payment made by one party to another in a contractual arrangement.

Advance Payment Bonds ensure that if the recipient of an advance payment fails to fulfil their contractual obligations, the issuer of the bond will repay the advance amount.

Warranty/Defects Liability Bonds


A Warranty Bond is a surety bond that assures the project owner or client that the contractor will uphold their warranty obligations for a designated period after the completion and acceptance of a construction project. This bond provides financial protection in case the contractor fails to honour their warranty commitments, including the rectification of defects, repairs, or replacements, as specified in the contract.

Section 106 Agreement Bonds


A Section 106 Agreement Bond is a type of surety bond that developers are often required to provide to local planning authorities as a condition of receiving planning permission for a development project. This bond serves as a financial guarantee to ensure that the developer fulfils specific planning obligations outlined in the Section 106 Agreement. These obligations can include contributions to local infrastructure, affordable housing provisions, environmental improvements, or other community benefits.

Deposit Bonds


A Deposit Bond is a surety bond issued by a surety company on behalf of a buyer or contracting party to serve as a guarantee for the payment of a deposit in real estate transactions or other contractual agreements. Rather than providing cash upfront, the party obtains the bond, which assures the recipient (often a seller, landlord, or project owner) that the agreed deposit amount will be paid by the bond issuer if the buyer or contracting party fails to meet their obligations.

Retention Bonds


Retention Bonds are financial instruments designed to ensure the release of retention funds held in a construction project. They serve as a guarantee for the timely payment of these funds to contractors and subcontractors.

Tender/Bid Bonds


Tender/Bid Bonds are financial instruments that guarantee the sincerity and performance of a bidder in a competitive bidding process. They are essential in ensuring that the selected bidder will enter into the contract and provide the required performance and payment bonds. 

Tender/Bid Bonds serve to reassure project owners that bidders participating in a competitive tender process are committed to the project and will fulfil their obligations if awarded the contract.

Off-Site Material Bonds


An Off-Site Material Bond is a surety bond that guarantees the proper procurement, delivery, and storage of construction materials or equipment off-site, according to the terms of a construction contract. This bond is typically required by the project owner or the party contracting the construction work to ensure that materials are readily available when needed, contributing to the smooth progress of the project.

Restoration/Environmental Agency Bonds


A Restoration/Environmental Agency Bond is a type of surety bond that provides assurance to environmental agencies or authorities that individuals or companies engaged in activities with potential environmental impact will meet their obligations under environmental laws and regulations. These bonds ensure that the bonded party will take appropriate actions to prevent, mitigate, or rectify environmental damage or violations.

Decommissioning Bonds


Decommissioning Bonds are surety bonds that serve as a guarantee to regulatory authorities, stakeholders, or the public that the party responsible for a facility or project’s operation will carry out the decommissioning process effectively. Decommissioning involves the safe closure, removal, and environmental restoration of a facility or site, such as oil rigs, nuclear power plants, mining sites, or industrial facilities.

Duty Deferment Bonds


A Duty Deferment Bond is a type of surety bond that enables importers to postpone the payment of customs duties, import VAT, and other taxes or charges on imported goods. It serves as a financial guarantee to customs authorities that the deferred payments will be made in compliance with customs regulations.

HMRC Bonds


HMRC Bonds are surety bonds or financial guarantees issued to HMRC by individuals, businesses, or organisations to secure specific tax or customs-related obligations. These bonds serve as a form of security and assurance that taxpayers will fulfil their financial responsibilities, such as paying taxes, customs duties, or excise duties, as required by law or regulation.

Why Choose Us For Surety Bonds Expertise?


At CG Bonds Surety, our team boasts a profound technical understanding and bonds expertise, derived from years of experience in the construction sector. Unlike other operators in the industry, we do not come from an insurance background. This unique perspective sets us apart, enabling us to provide unparalleled guidance and support to our clients.

Measuring Performance


At CG Bonds Surety, we measure our performance on the following attributes:


  1. Price and Value – As the UK’s dedicated bond experts, we promise to seek the best value quote on the market, whilst offering some of the lowest admin fees in the industry. Conducting a full ‘Technical Risk Report’, free of charge, will allow CG Bonds to understand the actual risk, which can validate our clients’ position and reduce premiums significantly.

  1. Speed and Responsiveness – Our exclusive underwriting partnerships allow us to source the most competitive quotes on the market within 5-7 days upon completion of our application form. We measure our performance on the accuracy and responsiveness of our operations team, who promise to process and progress your application as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  1. Expertise and Dedication – As construction bond experts in the procurement of contract guarantee bonds, we dedicate our time to understanding our client’s specific needs and use our technical knowledge to provide advice on all aspects of the bond process. Our full technical risk report (free of charge), which is unseen anywhere in the surety market, will give all clients the best possible chance of acquiring a performance bond, and at the most competitive price on the market.

  1. Simplicity and Support – Whether you understand the process of applying for a contract guarantee bond or not, CG Bonds will guide you through the entire process, from start to finish, making it a simple, effortless, and stress-free process.

  1. Flexible and Adaptable – Our in-house bond experts have extensive experience and knowledge in both the surety and construction market to overcome any challenges faced.

The Result


A reliable and trusted provider of surety bonds, dedicated to assisting all clients in obtaining a fair and competitive performance bond, irrespective of their financial strength.

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